About Us

Our company ensures that the customer’s needs are dealt with professionally, respectfully and diligently

The leadership which formed Simple Solar decided they were tired of working for overly complex companies that made solar purchasing confusing for customers. We wanted to create a company that put customers first, with a focus on excellent value and helping the environment. In the first few months of business, Simple Solar help set up hundreds of customers with Solar Energy systems, and our customer base is ever-growing.

Furthermore, all customers are left satisfied knowing our solar energy systems come with a 25-year warranty.
Our company ensures that the customer’s needs are dealt with professionally, respectfully and diligently. Our solar specialists dedicate their time to our customer’s needs from start to finish and receive the same accommodation as friends and family. We ensure EVERY customer is left satisfied, and that there are no pending questions or concerns when deciding upon switching your energy source.

We invite anyone tired of paying money into the bottomless pit of electric companies’ bills (whose prices are continually inflating!) to inquire to see how our specialists can help you. We will ensure you get a better value for your bills, your home, all the while helping to reduce your carbon footprint. Finally – Solar made Simple!

It´s never been easier


Moe FalahFounder & CEO

Moe started Simple Solar after seeing all the complexities the solar industry carried, & set out to build a company like no other. With nearly 10 years of construction experience & having generated over 10 million in direct sales, Moe took his business, sales, & leadership skills to develop an organization from the ground up, founded on the principles of delivering a high quality product, an excellent customer experience with precision accuracy, full integrity, honesty, & the highest level of ethics.


Track record of successful sales and operational management, driving efficiency while maintaining dignified leadership and coaching skills. Economics educated for data analytics and understanding business regressions and models. Operations by trade; Musician by nature.

Andrew DondiegoExecutive Solar Manager

Co-Founder at Simple Solar powered by ESP. A millennial entrepreneur with a can DO attitude. Experienced in D2D sales, over a million in sales by 19 years old. Concentrated on providing the best Customer Service & building high-performance sales teams. A business leader who excels in Personal development and leading by example.

Josh LooserVP OF SALES

Co-founder at Simple Solar powered by ESP. Skilled in Customer Service, Sales, Time Management, and Teamwork. Entrepreneurship mentality focused on business, management, marketing, and sales from Kent State University, produced over half a million in sales in the first few months of 2020.

Elly MoralesExecutive Administrator

Experienced Executive with a demonstrated history of working in renewables and environmental industry. Skilled and focused on Project Management, Customer Service, Sales, Communication, Talent Acquisition, and Customer Relationship Management.