Simple Solar is an energy company specializing in making the entire installation solar process easily obtainable. From start to finish, you are diligently cared for, and we ensure every customer is left happy and independent from the rising prices of utility companies.



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Why simple solar

Taking Back The
Power NOW

Make your home sustainable and save money while embracing your new utility bills independence TODAY.
Why simple solar

Solar power is the one energy resource that nobody owns.

Generate your own power, become less reliant on your electric utility and reduce your monthly electric bill. 

Solar energy is the most efficient way to save money by reducing energy bills while living an eco-friendly lifestyle. Going solar is an investment in your future and property value. It provides the opportunity to own your own resources.
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Why Choose Solar?

A real investment for you,
your environment, the world, the future.

Environmentally-friendly power


Be A Part of the Global Change

Time is running out to maximize solar savings. Act now and use the ITC tax credit today.

The ITC Solar Investment Tax Credit brings a dollar-for-dollar reduction in the income taxes that a person or company would otherwise pay the federal government.

Time is running out to maximize solar savings. Act now and use the ITC tax credit today.

Don’t miss out on this time-limited opportunity!

*Simple Solar does not prodive tax advice please speak with your tax speacialist for more information.

Still not sure?

No Problem! You can always:

1. Easily transfer payments to the new homeowner.
2. Cash it out, adding value to the home.

Of course! Solar is cheaper than paying the utility company. If you can afford to pay your electric bill, you can afford to go solar! Think of how much money you get to save! Also, there are options to use:
● Terms Loans 5 – 25 Years
● Federal Tax Incentives
● Equipment Warranties

Not true! The installation process is very fast and simple. With no upfront costs of installation, you get an efficient long-term solution for your home. This is also an instant way to increase your real-estate value.